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Compared to the other Mishimas, Devil Jin can be considered the “well-rounded” one of the 3. He has stronger pokes than Kazuya and better safety and lows than Heihachi, but he’s not as hard hitting as Kazuya or as CH heavy as Heihachi. As a Mishima, he has access to the standard Mishima tools, EWGF (+5 on block high launcher with good recovery), hellsweep (hard hitting low, his version trips the opponent up for a combo), strong jab hitconfirms and a wavedash to close the gap between himself and the opp with ease. His poking game is quite strong as he has a variety of lows to choose from depending on the situation. Whether it’s hard hitting with hellsweeps, simple poke pressure with db2 and d4 and plenty of strong mid poke strings to complement this. He has the usual Mishima strong space control with EWGF and his own unique ranged mids to dictate the pace with. He also has a strong panic move in u4 which can be a mixup on block vs specific characters.

Recommended if you like

  • Strong poking chars
  • Well rounded chars
  • Ability to change up pace at player’s own discretion.


  • Strong poking game
  • Strong space control
  • Strong mixup game
  • Great mobility
  • High damage output
  • Good panic moves




Devil Jin special moves

Icons Legend Description
backLP + RP

b 1+2

Rage Art
ForwardNEUTRALDownDown / ForwardRKRP + RK

f N d d/f 4 3+4

Rage Drive

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