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Yet another model to the Jack series. While bigger characters in 2D FGs tend to be more stereotypically rushdown and grappler like, this is not the case in Tekken. Jack is arguably the biggest turtle in the series. He has huge reach on his arms allowing him to effectively keep the opponent out with jabs and mids. His main low pokes are extremely fast at i12, do good damage as well as granting decent frame adv on hit. If Jack has you trapped at the wall, be prepared to lose quite a bit of life fighting out of his poke game. For a defensive character, he plays the passive aggressive game pretty well and can keep up with a fast paced game. He’s good at making his opponent frustrated at range trying to get in and punishing their mistakes with his ranged whiff punishers. He has a really strong throw game as well to sneak in at times including a wallsplat throw. As a big character, he has a bad sidestep meaning he has to put up with a lot of pressure that most chars wouldn’t have to, and is more vulnerable to extended combos. He also doesn’t have good evasive panic moves or parries/reversals to counter pressure. Due to his poor homing moves, he has to make commitments to stop the opponent just doing SSL vs him upclose.

Recommended if you like

  • Defensive oriented characters
  • Simple and effective poke game
  • Good throws


  • Amazing keepout
  • Strong throw game
  • Strong whiff punishment
  • Some of the best low pokes in the game
  • Can punish certain stuff that most chars can’t with his reach


  • Bad sidestep, prone to pressure.
  • Bigger combos are possible on him due to size
  • Weak to SSL, has to take risks to stop that.


Jack 7 special moves

Icons Legend Description
backLP + RP

b 1+2

Rage Art
ForwardNEUTRALDownDown / ForwardLP + RP

f N d d/f 1+2

Rage Drive


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